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Pictures from

Seattle GOO

10/25/05 through 10/28/05

At WorldMark Seattle (Camlin)


A bunch of the WorldMark owners had decided to gather at the Camlin in Seattle around the annual WorldMark Owners meeting in October 2005. These owners came from all over the United States and to meet each other and exchange vacation stories and most importantly- to party hard!!

Here are some pictures from the biggest GOO of them all... the 2005 SEA-GOO @ The Camlin!!



Debbie and Nena by the Camlin.


Philip and Nena at the mall!


JIF and iamjam (Judy and Judy)

Nora, Alberta, Barry, Barb, Robert


Laura, Carrie and Lori

jmsteed (Jon), Robert, Nena, Janetez, and PB&J Smile


Laura, Carrie


Judy, Nena, Teresa & Philip


Evelina, Barb and Bryan


GOO Scene (At Jim's PH)


Ken, Robert, Manoj


LLW (Louise) and husband


Teresa and Ken


iamjam, mr. iamjam Smilejim&janaetez, debbie, theresa, jim, llw, kapish, nena, LLW's husband

The wild bunch in the hot tub!

Hot tub 2


Sexy Legs contest!


CarolAnn and Robert


Janet and Jim


Laura, Dan, Carrie and husband


Cabo Bob and "Mr. JIF" (Ed)


Judy (JIF), Barry, and Debbie


Owners who are new to WMO. (Send me a PM with your ID/name, please)


Mr. and Mrs. Surf Rider


Philip with a new WMO member.


Mrs. and Mr. Ready2Go


Barry, Ed, Barb, Judy and Laura.


Here is the group picture from the SEA GOO!


At the GOO (Thu)


Judy, Nena, Theresa, Philip and Manoj




Alberta, Theresa, Teddy, Carol


Off to the treasure hunt in downtown Seattle!


The group at the Pike Place Market


Philip found his long lost pet Smile


Theresa, Nora and Judy


At the Mexican Mercado


At the flower shop


At the Market


At the Market


Nora with flowers