Vacationing in Lake Tahoe with
Neena & Binoy!


The Celestial Blue Lake Tahoe; Viewed from our Resort!
Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe.
@ the look out
Binoy counting the dead fish...
Oooooh... look at all those fishies...
The gang on top of the mountains...
Fall is a beautiful time to visit the Sierras.
Can you see the elk in there...? Neither could we...
Wow! Cool! Here is the story of all those fish!!
Neena & Binoy
@ the clock tower!
(by the Heavenly Gondola)
Warming up in front of the fire at the Marriott Grand Residence Shoppes
Where is Manu Annan?
Here he is!
Is Neena scared... or just cold?
Thank you Manu Anna, for taking the best picture of this trip!
Does this look like Wine?
It is just water!
Get me out of here, pleaaase!!!
Cool van, huh?
By the Aqua Blue Lake Tahoe!
That was fun Binoy & Neena! Let's plan another vacation soon...