Shiva, Renu and Manoj's Visit to Orlando during Thanksgiving 2005.



We visited Orlando during the week of Thanksgiving 2005. Balachandran (Balaettan) and Gomathi Chechi helped make our visit a most memorable one. They helped us with tickets to the parks and made sure that we are well taken care! With their help we were able to visit the Universal Studios, Walt Disney World and the Kennedy Space Center.

Balaettan and Family

Shiva and Renu with Gomathi Chechi, Arjun and Balaettan


Balaettan's backyard

Curry Leaf Tree and other tropical plants


Papaya Tree (plant?) and more Curry Leaf!


The Swan in their backyard lake.


Giri, Rani and Rishi visited us at the Star Island Resort in Kissimmee, FL.

Manoj and Renu with Giri & Family

Giri, Rishi, and Rani with Shiva and Renu.


Giri, Rishi and Rani


Rishi, Rani and Renu back to the car.

Rishi with his Mickey hat.


Pictures from our day at Universal Studios.


We visited Universal Studios Orlando and enjoyed all the shows and the rain that fell during lunch time. The rain only lasted about a half hour but managed to slow down things in the park, however the park guests managed to get back into the groove of things pretty quickly. Shiva particularly enjoyed the rides "Spiderman", "Revenge of the Mummy", "Twister" and "Jurassic Park" water splash. He also got a kick out of playing in the Jurassic Park play structure splashing water on unsuspecting kids






Visiting Mickey and Co. at the Walt Disney World, Orlando.


We visited the Walt Disney Parks the next two days. Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Disney MGM Studios were covered on the these days.


At the Animal Kingdom we particularly enjoyed the attractions at the "Asia" area including the Kali River Rapids where we all got wet and the Maharaja Jungle Trek where we got to see Bengal tigers, peacocks, monkeys and other tropical animals.


At Epcot we enjoyed Spaceship Earth, World of Energy, Mission:Space, Soarin, GM Test Track, and experiencing France, Morocco and Germany in the "World" area.


At the Magic Kingdom we enjoyed the Cinderella-bration at the magic castle where all the fairytale princesses danced and crowned Cinderella to be the crown princess. Shiva also got to drive the cars at the race track.


We also had fun in the Disney MGM Studios where we experienced the Indiana Jones show, The "Hollywood Tower of Terror", and "Aerosmith's Rockin' 'Coaster".


At the entrance to the Animal Kingdom.



At the Epcot Center


Gomathi Chechi helped us at the Epcot Center.


Renu and Shiva with Donald Duck.


Renu and Minnie


Renu and Shiva with Goofy!


At the Disney MGM Studios, by the Aerosmith "Rockin' " Roller Coaster


We had a fantastic time as you can see in these pictures. We will be off to Carlsbad, CA during the Christmas break.