Pictures and stories from our trip to Kauai
Thanksgiving week 2006.

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Shiva idol at the Hindu Temple


A new Shiva temple is being built on this property called the "Iraivan Temple". Construction had been going on for the past 15 years. Artisans from India have been working on the fine artwork both here and in India.




We had the opportunity to meet a number of them as they were continuing to work on the temple. As I have pre-arranged with the temple for a guided tour, we rode in style through the muddy temple grounds in a motorized buggy Smile

Kauai Shiva Temple Lion sculpture

Farmers Market in Kauai

When in Kauai, be sure to inquire about the farmers markets! There is a farmers market happening at some place on the island every day of the week! It is a great way to meet the locals and purchase produce at reasonable cost.
Banana Blossom @ the Farmers Market


Having born and raised in a tropical rain foresty region in the world, we are familiar with a lot of these tropical fruits and vegetables. So we had a great time looking for those vegetables we could not get on the mainland. We are trying to see how we may be able to bring some of these home- the legal way!

drumstick  leaves and avocados and star fruit etc.

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